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For over five years, the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute has been offering 1:1 coaching to senior directors in T&P at through the Leading Authentically program. Now, the program is open to more participants seeking personalized support to help them achieve their goals.

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What is Coaching?

Coach as Catalyst

The role of the coach is to help the client stay true to their goals, objectives, and commitments.

For us, a coach is a catalyst. A coach does not develop people, a coach equips people to develop themselves.


Entering into a coaching relationship involves entering into a context of change and growth. Together, the partnership creates an environment for something to be different, whether that is attitude, perspective, thinking or action. The inquiry context represents the powerful process of deepening the learning. It is a process of discovery and curiosity. The coach asks: What does that mean for you? What is incomplete for you? What would make a difference?


One Size Doesn’t Fit all

Each coaching relationship is unique; coaching is not an exact science. What one person needs is quite different than what another person needs both in hours as well as form and content. Many factors affect the coaching process, including the barriers that the person is trying to overcome as well as their current and future responsibilities and assignments. Each client’s program is customized around numerous factors, and will be unique in its execution.

Though each of our coaches has their own individual style, and customizes each coaching relationship based on the need of their client, all of our coaches utilize the same fundamental processes from our Active Communicating® methodology and coaching certification program.

Coaching Program Details

The coaching program consists of six monthly, 1-hour long sessions with your dedicated coach. These sessions can be done remotely or in-person in San Francisco. Optionally, those with direct reports may also request a Leadership Assessment - a quantitative 360-degree report including your own self-assessment and feedback from your team and colleagues.

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