We've developed many custom programs to address the needs of individuals throughout the organization, including:

  • Authentic and Inspirational Leadership

  • Leadership Presence

  • Impactful Communication Skills

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • Coaching Certification

  • Storytelling for Leadership

  • Creativity in Leadership

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Leadership Assessments

1:1 Executive Coaching

1:1 Executive Coaching

Authentic Leadership Presence

Authentic Leadership Presence

Storytelling for Leadership

Storytelling for Leadership

Leader as Coach

Leader as Coach

1:1 Executive Coaching

Authentic Leadership Presence

What does Executive Coaching offer? Executive coaching is for the gifted and talented. There is a synergistic and professional partnership between an executive coach and his or her client. The coach is independent, yet subjective, and is there to support the client to ensure success, balance and fulfillment.

Executive coaching helps clients set higher goals based on integrity and true values. The coach supports his or her client to develop language to fully articulate his truth, and to hold himself accountable by experimenting with taking action. This process accelerates growth.

Your Challenges: You know that empowered teams are innovative, but you're not sure how to empower all levels of your organization. You don't have a thorough succession plan - and you have emerging leaders who are ready to step up. You are a technical contributor who is now managing people. You are a founder whose business is scaling rapidly.

Our Solution: We can provide our certified executive coaches directly to you, for individuals within your organization, or create a customized coaching program for teams, business units, or the whole organization.

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Leadership Presence is the skillset that enables a person to motivate, inspire, and connect to the thoughts and feelings of others.

It is not only for leaders, but for EVERYONE. In our interactions with people at work and at home, we take on different roles in different situations. When you are able to show up in those situations as your authentic self, communicate in a way that engages and connects with others, and align your intentions with others' perceptions, then you know you are bringing forth your Authentic Leadership Presence.

This online course, led by instructors and coaches from the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, takes you on a journey to develop your own Authentic Leadership Presence through instructor-led learning, live streamed lectures and videos, readings to provide inspirations and examples, self-reflection, on-the-job learning activities and shared feedback. Designed as an experiential journey, we encourage you to take this course with your colleagues and friends so you can learn more about each other along the way.

Not only did I learn to be a better speaker,
I also became a better listener and a better friend."

- Shuo Zhang

Storytelling for Leadership

  • Discover powerful techniques to telling compelling stories

  • Practice & receive in-the-moment feedback

  • Be inspired by stories of leaders on stage

  • Explore your own leadership stories

  • Learn when to use stories in business

  • Improve your voice & non-verbal communication

Why Storytelling

Do you want to inspire your team and your customers? Improve your leadership presence? Move into a management role? Storytelling motivates and connects you with others through stories drawn from your own life.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior managers influencing executive leadership

  • Mid-level managers developing their presence

  • Entrepreneurs engaging new teams

  • Individual contributors moving into management roles

The instructors were awesome! I loved the interactiveness and I appreciated all the tips given to us.
This has been an extremely positive experience, and I know it will have lasting impact on my management style and interpersonal relationships.
— Jon Plax, Director, Customer Centric Engineering, Salesforce.com

Leader as Coach

  • Learn to apply the mindset of the coach in your leadership and management practice

  • Practice & receive feedback in the fundamental coaching skills

  • Experience the power of coaching from the perspective of the coach and coachee

  • Practice creative thinking and spontaneity.

  • Develop the communication skills that make you an effective coach

Why Coaching

Do you need to have more effective conversations? Build a succession plan? Truly understand the needs of your employees and your customers? Business coaching builds trust and gives you leverage as a leader by empowering your team.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior-level executives

  • Mid-level managers with direct reports

  • Individuals in matrix organizations who need to understand diverse teams

  • Professionals who regularly engage with customers