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The Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute offers 1:1 coaching services to individuals seeking a personalized, transformative experience in a business context. We work with individuals at all levels of the organization and draw from a pool of over 250 certified coaches worldwide. In addition to 1:1 coaching, we also offer Leadership Studies - qualitative, confidential 360 degree assessments of the leader designed to highlight what is working as well as uncover potential blind spots. 



Our Coaching Philosophy

Coach as Catalyst
The role of the coach is to help the client stay true to their goals, objectives, and commitments. For us, a coach is a catalyst. A coach does not develop people, a coach equips people to develop themselves.

Entering into a coaching relationship involves entering into a context of change and growth. Together, the partnership creates an environment for something to be different, whether that is attitude, perspective, thinking or action. The inquiry context represents the powerful process of deepening the learning. It is a process of discovery and curiosity. The coach asks: What does that mean for you? What is incomplete for you? What would make a difference?

About Our Coaches


One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Each coaching relationship is unique; coaching is not an exact science.

What one person needs is quite different than what another person needs both in hours as well as form and content. Many factors affect the coaching process, including the barriers that the person is trying to overcome as well as their current and future responsibilities and assignments.

Each client’s program is customized around numerous factors, and will be unique in its execution.

Though each of our coaches has their own individual style, and customizes each coaching relationship based on the need of their client, all of our coaches utilize the same fundamental processes from our Active Communicating® methodology and Berkeley coaching certification program. 

Berkeley Certified Coaches   United States 60% North America 3% Thailand 18% Africa 1% Asia 9% Oceania 1% Europe 8%

Berkeley Certified Coaches

United States 60% North America 3%
Thailand 18% Africa 1%
Asia 9% Oceania 1%
Europe 8%


I left every session with valuable insights and was able
to put many of them into practice between sessions.”

- Sr. Director (Technology Client)


Leadership Studies

We offer an optional “leadership study” to our coaching clients: a qualitative, 360-style leadership assessment of the leader. The participant will nominate individuals that he or she works closely with, and help develop interview guidelines, such as personal leadership strengths, personal leadership challenges, and recommendations concerning professional growth and development. The questions represent a starting point for the dialogue to elicit the interviewee’s perspectives, observations, and work-related experiences. The results will be combined into a confidential, qualitative summary of what is working and needs work in the client’s leadership. The findings of the assessment will be reviewed in a one-on-one meeting to help develop the participant’s coaching goals.

Coaching Programs


Coaching for Individuals

We offer executive coaching to leaders who seek an external sounding board and thought-partner. The coach will enter, integrate into, and invest in the client’s world. Together, the coach and client will develop a clear set of goals to move the client along their leadership journey. Coaching sessions may consist of one-on-one sessions, observations, prepping the client for meetings, observing communications, and more. Each session will be designed to fully support the client in whatever goals they have determined will move their leadership to the next level. The client must take action on agreed upon areas of interpersonal improvement, commit to attending sessions and completing homework assignments, as well as reporting back to the coach on actions taken that may relate to a client, team member, or other person. 

Coaching Programs in Organizations

In collaboration with an organization's leaders, we develop coaching programs to take a cohort of individuals - for example senior directors, or high-potential leaders - through a structured leadership development experience. The program often includes workshops and other experiential learning activities to build skills such as inspirational communication, empowering teams, or building a culture of feedback. The learning is reinforced through through a series of targeted monthly 1:1 coaching sessions, as the coach guides a process where the coachee systematically explores current conditions and the path forward to develop higher clarity, alignment, impact and commitment.

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If you are looking for an executive coach for yourself, or are interested in a coaching program for your organization, please contact us via email.