We've helped Fortune 500 companies, leading business schools, government agencies and social-action groups around the world make a positive impact on their organizations and their own lives.

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Our faculty team has taught at the following institutions:




SENIOR DIRECTOR | Worldwide Order Management, Synopsys, Inc.


"The principals taught under the Active Communication methodology build a solid platform to become a more effective coach and/or leader. However, the foundation for this platform is built when a conscious decision is made to take the risk of exploring one’s authentic self.

Mark Rittenberg and the Executive Coaching Institute team did a phenomenal job of quickly creating a safe environment for me to move away from my comfort zone into unknown territory. I happily take the ECI experience with me into my future!"

“My association with Berkeley ECI has had a profound impact on me both professionally and personally.”


Executive Coach- Colleen Rumbal and Associates, Sydney, AU
(former SVP Human Resources and HR Business Partner Global Corporate Services, Finance and Staff Groups, American Express)

"After many years in Corporate life this program proved to be a really worthwhile investment in my skills as a Senior Leader and as an Executive Coach looking to start my own practice in Sydney Australia. The program was challenging, thought provoking, educational and testing while being fun and safe at the same time. The Faculty are amazing and offer a diversity of approaches and life experiences which makes the program relatable. Berkeley ECI provided rare personal insight into how we show up, how we engage with clients and the world in general and how we can be more generous in our efforts to help and coach others- most of all it provided a sound tested coaching model, many opportunities for practice, feedback and critique in a supportive but challenging environment."


"If you want to revisit how you lead others ...
I cannot recommend this program highly enough."



“I believe that people are the most important assets of any successful organization. ECI gave me concrete tools that I am using daily to coach our team increasing their job satisfaction and performances. In some instances the positive results of applying the techniques learnt at the course have been quick and impressive. 

I have also met impressive and inspiring fellow participants whom I call friends now. With some of them I established professional partnerships. ECI is a community I am proud to be part of."

"I have increased productivity and talent retention thanks to ECI."



“The best investment you can make is an investment you make in yourself: ECI was an unforgettable experience that has influenced who I am today. I learned how to live in the present, effectively coach my direct reports, and strengthened my own unique leadership style.

This experience has not only progressed my professional career, but has also applied to my personal life and how I interact with others. Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about yourself than you ever have and to challenge yourself to grow towards fulfilling your future dreams."


"The best investment you can make is an investment you make in yourself."

Feodor Sheberstov

FOUNDING PARTNER | Odgers Berndtson Russia

The team from Odgers Berndtson Russia reflects on their work with the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute.
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"The Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute provides a toolset to enable you to accomplish whatever you want...Mark Rittenberg teaches a universal language, the language of the heart, the language of the soul."




CMP, Senior Manager, Program Operations | UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education


"On the Thursday of the [custom organizational] program a truly amazing thing happened. Each morning we did an exercise called “Learning to Action” where a participant’s name was pulled out of a hat and that person gave a short talk to the group about what had impacted them so far in the program. On Thursday they had been through 2 ½ days of Mark Rittenberg’s Leader as Communicator and Leader as Coach. A participant named J. got up to do his learning to action, and for the next 10 minutes I was blown away by the transformation impact our program had on this man.

J. had two of his direct reports in the group. He called them both up and sat them in chairs in front of him. Then to my utter surprise, he got down on his knees in front of them and said, “I realized after Mark’s sessions that 1, I have not been truly present for you and 2, I have used sarcasm with you in ways I should not have and I want to apologize to you for this.”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. J. went on to say, “I ask two things of you. First, your forgiveness and second, for immediate feedback in the moment if I do these things again.” J. then stood up, and both his direct reports hugged him and shook his hand.

The best word to describe this experience is transformational. Transformation for the participants, and transformational for me to see so directly what our work here can do. Our work changes lives.

We don’t get to see it so directly every day, but I hope this story reminds us all that what we do here is important, that we have an amazing purpose that reaches beyond our walls and truly changes people and creates better leaders."