As technology impacts jobs and social structures, we need more humanity than ever before. Creative problem solving is a critical capacity that requires an emotionally intelligent approach to collaboration. But you can’t get more creativity out of people by paying them more. A leader needs to be able to make meaning for people. A humanized approach to leadership is no longer just ‘nice to have;’ today it’s non-negotiable if you want to succeed.

Each program we create is specifically crafted to meet the needs of the organization. Programs often include a combination of pre-program interviews and assessments, in-person workshops, and follow-up coaching. Our workshops incorporate lectures, discussion, and hands-on activities to build practical skills. Our faculty provides feedback and coaching in-the-moment to boost learning. This holistic and experiential approach will reinforce key messages and allow for a tailored approach for each individual.

Some programs we’ve designed include:


Leading High Impact Teams

Two or three-day experiential program on authentic leadership, coaching, communication and storytelling skills to connect leaders with their teams.

“This program is not just about improving communication skills, which it does very well. It is as much about discovering how to be the best version of yourself as a human being and leader.”

Paiboon Kittisrikangwan, Deputy Governor, Bank of Thailand


Leader as Storyteller

Through stories, successful leaders are able to share their life experiences, illustrate their beliefs and values, inspire the people around them, and build trust.

“[After the workshop], I decided to throw my MBA-like presentation style out of the window and I presented from my heart. After the presentation quite a few people came over to congratulate me ... and that I had inspired them to continue walking the road less traveled.”

— Carmen Lence, NextGen Consulting and Coaching


Brand Ambassador Culture Transformation

Multi-phase program co-lead by the organization’s leadership team builds a community of excellence within a company's workforce.

“The Brand Ambassador workshops are absolute GOLD. They exceeded my very high expectations and the results that BECI is helping us achieve are astounding.”

— Tom Bagwell, Executive Vice President- Peterson Trucks, Marketing

coaching culture.jpg

Leader as Coach

Learn the mindset and tools to build a coaching culture to empower and develop your people to develop themselves.

“This has been an extremely positive experience, and I know it will have lasting impact on my management style and interpersonal relationships.”

— Jon Plax, Director, Customer Centric Engineering, Salesforce.com