Exceptional patient experience starts with exceptional organizational culture

What is care, if not a profound human connection based on trust, respect, and integrity?

As healthcare professionals, you are acutely aware that a patient’s experience—and more importantly, their treatment outcome—is dependent on providers possessing these qualities.

But, are these same principles emphasized amongst your company’s physicians, nurses, administrators, and staff?

Do all members of your team practice the values of respect, trust, and integrity that are so vital to your patients’ outcome? Do all members of the patient’s team feel safe enough to raise issues that could potentially prevent error?

What if these values were already a natural extension of your organization’s existing culture?


Building a culture around open communication and trust amongst your teams is crucial to a patient’s outcome. According to the American Hospital Association:

“When all clinical and nonclinical staff collaborate effectively, health care teams can improve patient outcomes, prevent medical errors, improve efficiency and increase patient satisfaction.”

Additionally, multiple studies have shown that improving communication within care teams can lead to reduced burnout and greater employee satisfaction and engagement.

This is where the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute’s work on strengthening trust and communication can transform healthcare teams.


Our customized programs have resulted in demonstrated, sustainable changes that reach all levels of healthcare organizations. Our experienced faculty will design and deliver highly interactive workshops that will empower your team members on all levels to:

  • Build trust, empathy, and respect across the organization

  • Establish open and safe communication practices

  • Develop a clear sense of purpose and conviction

  • Manage difficult conversations and conflict resolution

The positive team culture created by addressing these areas leads to greater employee engagement and satisfaction, with a decreased risk of burnout.

The new communication practices that your employees learn will develop a care team that delivers a safer, higher-quality patient experience, with the best possible health outcomes.

Sample Two-Day Workshop

From half-day workshops for small groups to year-long programs rolled out systematically across organizations, we tailor our work to meet the specific needs of our clients.

As a starting point, our core two-day workshop, Building High-Performance Teams in Healthcare, covers a range of vital topics, including:

  • Communication skills for hospital teams

  • Building trust across departments and with administration

  • Giving and receiving feedback with respect and clarity

  • Active listening and problem solving for difficult conversations

  • Building empathy across teams and departments

  • Impactful dialogue across specialties


Pediatric Surgeon Brings EMBA Lessons to Children’s Hospital

Learn how Berkeley Haas Executive MBA student and physician Dr. Wolfgang Stehr brought BECI to work.

Here is what our healthcare partners have to say about our work:

“Mark Rittenberg and his team provided a memorable, transformative experience for our group of 40 surgeons and nurse practitioners when I was in Houston. The program was innovative and the presentations were highly engaging and interactive. I highly recommend their program to anyone seeking a creative approach to improving teamwork and group dynamics. If medicine is going to change, people like Mark and his colleagues will have to help us change it.”

Dr. Ellis M. Arjmand, MD MMM PhD, Surgeon-in-Chief at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, LA (Formerly Chief of Otolaryngology, Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX)

“Berkeley ECI led two sessions for faculty and staff of our cardiology department. They taught us new approaches to leadership that we were not previously exposed to in the health field. They taught the value of leading through connecting with people and sharing experiences. Everyone who participated found it incredibly useful and grew as leaders and team members.”

Jeffrey Olgin, MD, Cardiologist and Cardiac Electrophysiologist at UCSF in San Francisco, CA

We have worked in partnership with and developed customized programs for the following organizations:

Executive Coaching Certification & Leadership Intensive

For healthcare professionals looking for a deeper dive into leadership communication and culture management, we offer the Executive Coaching Institute, our coaching certification program. A number of physicians and healthcare professionals have completed this program and subsequently bring about transformative changes in communication, trust, and empathy within their organizations.


Dr. Wolfgang Stehr, Pediatric Surgeon and Berkeley ECI Executive Coach, Presbyterian Hospital, Albuquerque, NM

Our Team

In addition to our executive coaches and staff that draw on a rich array of professional experience from business, technology, finance, academia, nonprofit, and the arts, our team includes executive coaches and strategic partners who are physicians and medical professionals, giving us insights into the needs and opportunities within healthcare.

Have a Conversation With Us

Our team is committed to working closely with you to develop a program that delivers sustainable, organization-wide change.

Please contact us at (888) 658-0886 or healthcare@berkeleyeci.com to speak with one of our faculty members about your unique needs and goals.