The majority of our programs are customized for the organization to meet your goals. Potential topics include:

  • Creating a High Impact Team

  • Trust and Relationship-building

  • The Art of a Meaningful Dialogue

  • Team Culture

  • Improving Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Team Retreats

  • Cultural Assessment

Read below for sample descriptions on several popular programs:

Cultural Transformation

The Cultural Transformation Program creates high performing teams and a cohesive culture to ensure profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. The program entails a series of intensive, experiential workshops which develop authentic leadership, interpersonal communication, and community-building skills. The Cultural Transformation Program is designed in conjunction with the client to address the company's individual requirements.

Your Challenges: Your organization has grown rapidly and now you need to bring together a diverse workforce. You have an audacious vision, and know that success comes when everyone is pulling together.

Our Solution: Our program is highly transformative and sustainable because the company’s leaders serve as co-faculty members of the program. Together with our expert team of instructors, the leaders help their people gain a deeper appreciation for the company’s values while also teaching them the skills to become role models who live those values. Furthermore, all employees—regardless of their roles and titles—participate in the program.

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Storytelling for Business

[After the workshop], I decided to throw my MBA-like presentation style out of the window and I presented from my heart. After the presentation quite a few people came over to congratulate me ... and that I had inspired them to continue walking the road less traveled
— Carmen Lence, NextGen Consulting and Coaching

In order for Leaders to be able to inspire trust in others, they should be willing to reveal who they are and what they truly believe in. Through their leadership stories, they are able to share their life experiences, illustrate their beliefs and values, and inspire the people around them. A compelling story provides narratives, clear images, and emotions. It helps us relate, understand, and connect with one another in a way that facts and numbers alone cannot. 

Participants will learn the art of storytelling in business and will have the opportunity to discover and tell your own leadership stories—who you are, your personal beliefs and values, and your personal and professional aspirations for the future. The goal of the course is to provide the foundations to develop both the content and the delivery of a compelling story:

To tell a good story, you must first have a good story.

  • Story Content – Learn how to craft concise but impactful stories from your own personal experiences that convey truth and meaning to your audience.

  • Story Delivery – Practice the storytelling techniques and communication skills that will enable you to motivate, inspire, and connect with the thoughts and feelings of others.

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Impactful Communication for Analytic/Technical Professionals

technical communications

In today’s highly complex and global business environment, companies demand engineers, managers and executives who excel the soft-skills. Many engineering schools graduate candidates that are highly proficient in their technical fields, but with little emphasis on their development as inspirational communicators and leaders. As individuals progress in their organizations the skills of leadership, influencing, communication and coaching become increasingly important.

Our programs provide the skills for the smooth transition from technical individual contributor to team leader, manager, executive, and beyond. In this program you will learn to build strong interpersonal relationships within your community, communicating effectively within non-technical or non-analytic disciplines and becoming an inspirational authentic leader. There is significant hands-on work and individualized coaching. For these workshops, we use seasoned coaches with extensive work experience in the technical and analytic fields.

This program can be customized for any technical or analytic profession such as Engineering, Scientific, Financial, or Sales communities.

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